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What is Physie?


Physical culture, also known as 'physie', is a unique and competitive sport that combines ballet and modern dancing.

It improves physical fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and posture.

Physie is a sport for all ages to enjoy, build confidence and gain lifelong friends.

Not only is physie a lifelong sport for girls and ladies, it is also a platform which leads to many opportunities, including overseas travel, interstate travel, networking with people, and further your dance careers - like cheerleading!

We welcome your interest in our club and look  forward to meeting with you soon at Bangor Physie.



Competitions are not for everyone, however we do try to encourage girls and ladies to compete as it helps build their self – esteem and confidence, as well as club spirit!

Competitions are held from August through to November, with girls and ladies competing in their age groups (as of September 1st). 

EP Physie holds both individual competitions and team competitions in each age group.

Individual competitions are held in stages, with the highest being held at Sydney Townhall.

Team competitions consist of 6 girls of the similar age working together in sync against other teams from different clubs in the same age group.

What to Wear

Unlike dance, Physie only requires one costume for competitions. These are leotards with skirts decorated with Swarovski crystals, and silver or gold ballets.

You can either purchase a leotard from a physie company and design it yourself, or you can hire from our club’s collection. 

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