Bangor Physical Culture Club 

Est. 2012 


In 2012, Bangor Physical Culture Club was established as part of the Western Zone Physical Culture association. Over 5 years Bangor had some amazing successes.

In 2017, Bangor Physie decided on a change, and therefore joined the Edith Parsons Physical Culture association, hoping for another success story!

In our first year, Bangor competed in team and indivdual competions. We had 4 state finalist and 1 grand finalist, along with 2 team places.

Bangor has been apart of EP Physie for 5 years and has developed a great club.

In 2020, our first champion girl was announced, Rachelle Cain, winning the Intermediate Senior Girl section. 

We look forward to many more successes at Bangor Physie club in 2021!!!

About Us

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2017 - Current

Edith Parsons


2012 - 2016

Western Zone